The Points Project is a motivation tool. In this hyper-connected world, where distraction and procrastination lurk behind each and every corner, The Points Project is my guide to getting things done. It’s my solution to finding balance between work and play. A way for me (and you) to increase productivity while still ensuring ample time for fun. After all, what good is hard work if you can’t enjoy the spoils?

The Points Project is split into two parts:

1) A simple points system for tracking and managing progress in various projects, as well as doling out rewards.

2) A blog to document how well it works.

How it works is simple. Every part of every project is worth a number of points that corresponds to the difficulty and time expected to do it (as a rough guide, 10 minutes = 1 point). For example, writing an email to a radio presenter might get me 1 point, while sitting down for an hour to edit a chapter of my novel would net me 6. By completing tasks I’ll rack up the points, then I can exchange them for rewards.

The Points Project is very new. Over the coming weeks I’ll update this page with a bit more about how it works and even a download of it so you can try it for yourself.